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Kelly is the type of girl everyone wishes they knew, mature and always helpful, but even she feels bad about the way Caleb is moping around sulking with her watching over him for the weekend.

Ordinarily it might not be a problem having a cute babysitter over while his parents are out of town, except that Caleb's eighteen now and certainly not a baby. Even Kelly knew that the trouble Caleb got into recently was his friends, their influence on the always wanting to fit in eighteen year old clearly the reason he made the viral online video in which damage was caused to his parent's property. Unfortunately for him, that damage meant when his parents were going out of town, Caleb was most certainly not staying behind alone.

And so a call to his old babysitter Kelly has the young woman feeling bad as she'd mostly begun thinking of Caleb more as an equal these days, a friend, only a few years older herself.

But now Caleb is just sighing and sulking, down on himself, talking about how his dad is constantly talking him down, commenting that Caleb will never have a stunner in his life like his mom, that Caleb is essentially a loser. So in an effort to prove to Caleb that he isn't such a loser, Kelly wants to entertain him, and offering to play video games with him seems reasonable.

Only Caleb doesn't actually have any games, his friends always bringing the games, his dad taking away what little he had in punishment before heading to the airport. And that's when Kelly remembers her boyfriend downloading some games for free on his game system, and she decides there has to be some sort of probably silly and less popular free game to download that the both of them can play on Caleb's game system.

After the comments Caleb made about his dad assuring him no girl, certainly no stunner, would ever be interested in him, Kelly is amused when she finds a currently available free game title which promises to be playable on all game systems, a game called SINtendo STUN-her.

While she's certainly no gamer, Kelly figures it will entertain Caleb and maybe the two of them can get along as friends even if she is mostly there to keep an eye on him over the weekend.

SINtendo STUN-her, she reads, is a two player first person game. It's essentially hide and seek with stun guns, the controller serving as the stun gun. Before long Kelly has the game downloaded to Caleb's system and they are playing a fairly impressive looking graphical first person game split screen, Kelly's character on one side in one random location, Caleb's character on the other. As they each wander the realistic environment, Kelly actually is glad Caleb is happy, but he might just be getting a lot happier after he spots Kelly and uses his controller to stun her.

Little pink bolts of lightning shoot right out of Kelly's controller, actual shocking jolts surging into her hands and up her arms, coursing throughout her body. It's definitely stunning to say the least, but Kelly has no idea just how serious this free game might get as Caleb keeps getting the jump on her and soon has earned himself a truly twisted reward.

Will Kelly become the stunner Caleb never thought he would get? Will she do things that she so recently would have found shocking? Find out as SINtendo September continues.

Fiction & Literature
23 September
Kris Kreme
Smashwords, Inc.

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