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This collection of unusual, intriguing romance stories will remind you that every love has its own kind of magic!

In "Cast for the Perfect Part", self-made billionaire and entrepreneur Beau Reynolds has recently decided to try his hand in the movie business. His movies have become huge box office hits and he seems to have an eye for successful movies. Amanda Gooding, an aspiring actress, hasn't had much success. She only gets small parts in B-Movies and must work additional jobs just to stay afloat. While working as a caterer on a yacht, she meets the talented entrepreneur. Together they may discover that movie magic isn't just for the big screen.

In Aspen, Colorado, Tristan Carter has settled down at The Lodge, working as a guide and caretaker depending on the season. Carmen Reiner has a bad case of wanderlust, so she never stays in one place for long. She gets a job as a server at The Lodge, interested in the slopes. Carmen immediately has distaste in Tristan when they meet, and they can't seem to get along. However, after Carmen goes out on the slopes alone after hours, a dangerous situation changes things drastically. Can Tristan melt the heart of the "Aspen Ice Queen"?

"Stay With You" focuses on a mysterious hidden town in a forest that harbors wizards and witches! Jack is a professor and talented wizard in town. When a woman from the outside world, Laura, runs into the town terrified, Jack is immediately infatuated with her. He wants nothing more than to protect her from whatever she has secretly run away from. Now Laura must decide if she is willing to stay in this hidden little village or if she has no choice but to return to the old life she's fled.

Jeff is a corporate executive with a fascination for clockwork – particularly watches. He buys a mysterious watch from someone, but it has no history attached. Jeff attempts to fix the watch. In doing so, he's transported to a terrifying future full of corruption and evil. Upon arriving, he is mugged and the time-traveling watch is stolen. Realizing that being away from his wife is too heart-breaking, Jeff attempts to find her in the future. He finds her, but she is married to another man and has children with him. Now, Jeff must either find the watch or accept the life he has here, all "In Good Time".

A collection of romance stories that all have their own version of magic, whether it's movie magic or wizards! This consists of 4 standalone clean romance short stories (all ending HEA) or over 40k words of reading!

6 June
Draft2Digital, LLC