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The holidays are upon Charm Cove and Moira Wicked is up to her eyeballs in magic as she manages Persnickety Potions & Gifts for her family. One evening after a busy day, she assumes she must be way too tipsy from her wine when she hears a commotion down at the beach by her home.

Nope. Not too tipsy from wine. Lo and behold, a boat was dashed against the rocky coastline in the darkness. That’s enough news all by itself, but even worse, the three passengers who were believed to have been on the boat have vanished into thin air. So has the warlock who runs the lighthouse.

To top it all off, Beacon’s Charm Lighthouse is broken. That should be impossible because it runs on magic and has for centuries.

Moira is chasing down the leads to find everyone who’s missing and get the magic to work for the lighthouse again. Turns out when something runs on magic, the usual tricks don’t fix it. The witchy families of Charm Cove find themselves fending off curious queries from officials about just what’s wrong with their town’s lighthouse.

Meanwhile, throngs of visitors crowd the streets, buying up holiday magic by the bottle. Moira’s destiny is also bearing down upon her. Will she meet her fate in time for Christmas, or not?

Take a visit to Charm Cove, where Wicked meets Good and where you just might find there’s almost always more than meets the eye.

Crime & Thrillers
31 August
Lucy May
Frisky Fox Publishing Inc.

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