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A long time ago we, a group of souls, began our journey on this Earth. A journey in the form of a cycle of birth, death and rebirth. We meet one another again in every lifetime, but always in a different role. Because of this role-play we have certain feelings for one another, which at first seem inexplicable.
For the soul, life on Earth is like going to school. Its learning process is comparable with that of school-age children. Each soul finds itself in a class that matches its level of spiritual awareness and follows the same lessons. The goal of the soul’s journey is to gather experience, it is enriched by each life. The soul stores everything. Nothing is lost.
We are not alone on our journey. The spiritual world supports us every moments of every day and each person has their own guide. This is true even for those who do not believe in a spiritual world.
The universe is created by a pure form of energy. This is an energy that creates without any limitations or conditions. Everything is balanced without the need for judgements, values or standards. I realise this all sounds very abstract, but I cannot find a better way to express it. Perhaps our language simply does not have the means to truly reflect this core concept.
The single building block of the universe is energy. Its density, the way it moves, varies across the cosmos, but it is still energy. The entire universe can be explained on the basis of this premise.
Thoughts are energy as well and with these thoughts we shape our environment. This is the theatre of life, a wonderful stage on which anything is possible. It can put on any play and its number of actors is unlimited. This stage is everywhere around us – there are no limits. We are writing the next scene of our personal play every day.
Sadly most of us have forgotten this knowledge. At one time we all knew the full extent of our power, our creative potential, an intelligence that we used to create miracles.

Body, Mind & Spirit
17 August
Marten Brinkhuis
Smashwords, Inc.

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