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Back In Her Husband's Bed - Melanie Milburne

By agreeing to a meeting with Xavier Knightly, her handsome ex-husband, Carli realises that the passion is still there. Three months later, she has some shocking news for him! But Xavier isn’t considered one of the best lawyers in Sydney for nothing: here’s a golden opportunity to blackmail his wife back into his bed. However, he also wants her to love him again like she used to, and that’s where he'll face the biggest trial of his life...

Taking The Boss To Bed - Joss Wood

When producer Ryan Jackson kisses a beautiful stranger to save her from a lecherous investor, he doesn't know she's his newest employee...or that she's also his best friend's little sister all grown up! Now the only way to save his business deal is a scorching, hands-on, make-believe affair with the one woman who is absolutely off limits. So why is he thinking more about seducing Jaci Brookes-Lyon than towing the corporate line? When sexual ruse becomes reality, can faking it save his business and lead to love?

Country Doctor, Spring Bride - Abigail Gordon

Jilted before her wedding, Dr Kate Barrington has returned to the comfort of her childhood home to simply hide away, but the town’s new doctor has taken up residence in her mother’s house, and he’s not going anywhere!

Dr Daniel Dreyfus is intrigued by his unexpected housemate - so much so that he finds himself offering her a job in his practice! As they live and work together, Daniel works hard to convince Kate he’ll be there for her always. If only he can make her his springtime bride...

A Maverick's Heart - Roz Denny Fox

Lila Jenkins’s Montana ranching town roots run deep. So why does the widowed B&B owner feel so connected to her latest boarder? Seth Maxwell might know his way around horses, but he’s a wanderer, not a rancher. Lila’s son thinks Seth’s the hero he’s been waiting for. And - heaven help her - so does Lila.

Seth loves hunting for rare gems in remote areas, but maybe it’s time to make a change. The footloose adventurer is tempted by rumours of sapphires in a nearby mine, but it’s Lila and her boy who make Snowy Owl Crossing and the idea of a ranch to share feel like home...

1 September
Mills & Boon Special Release
HarperCollins Publisher Australia Pty Limited

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