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She trusted him. He betrayed that trust.

Haylee's life has never been the same since her mother died. Living with her older sister Rachel, who doesn't really understand her, Haylee feels like an outsider at her new school. She doesn't have any friends, and she is bullied relentlessly for being different. Her teacher, Peter Dumont, is the only person who treats her with any respect. So when she misses the bus after school, she is more than happy to accept his help when he offers to give her a ride home. But that turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life.

Dumont kidnaps her and locks her away in his basement, where he attempts to brainwash her into believing that she is better off with him. Haylee must try to escape from her kidnapper while also unraveling the mystery surrounding his decision to abduct her. Was it random? Or did he select her for a reason? If so, then why? Why her of all people? Dumont keeps his secrets closely guarded, but perhaps Haylee can uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Rachel desperately searches for her little sister. With help from the police, she retraces her sister's steps and all the clues she uncovers point her directly to Peter Dumont. But the teacher does a masterful job covering his tracks. He has no intention of being found. But Rachel has no intention of giving up. She is determined to find Haylee and bring her home. No matter what it takes.

If you are a fan of suspenseful thrillers with plenty of twists and turns then Stolen Away just might be a book you want to add to your collection!

Crime & Thrillers
18 May
Nicholas Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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