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Stacy is a powerful, career-oriented woman. When she comes down with blinding headaches, she reluctantly takes time away from work to go and see the doctor. Dr. Burnett is a gorgeous young blonde woman, and she comes to a decision very quickly. Stacy has stress headaches, and needs some rest and physical pleasure to distract her from the pain. Luckily, this is the good doctor's specialty, and she gives Stacy a treatment right there in the office!


This erotic short story contains scenes of explicit lesbian sex, including fingering and strap on play. Meant only for mature readers 18+.


“Well, I think that was a pretty successful first treatment. How do you feel?” The doctor put a hand on Stacy’s elbow to gently turn her around.

Words failed her when she first attempted speech, so Stacy cleared her throat and tried again. “That was… I feel… wow. Thank you, Dr. Burnett. I have never felt anything like that before. That was absolutely wonderful!”

The blonde cocked an eyebrow. “Never? Have you never had an orgasm before, Stacy?”

Flushed, Stacy felt embarrassed. “Yes, of course. Well, I had thought I had. I mean… if that was a true orgasm, then no, I don’t think I ever had.”

Dr. Burnett tapped her lips with a finger, as if she was thinking and considering something. “Hmm. Well, Stacy, I was just going to leave this treatment there for today since you seemed especially responsive, and I guess we now know why. I feel bad for you that you haven’t been treated properly sexually. That was just a manual release, but if you were interested then I could give you another, fuller treatment this session. What are your thoughts on that?”

Another one? How could I possibly turn that down after what I just experienced? Stacy licked her lips. “I think I would like that very much, doc. Please?”

Fiction & Literature
23 December
Olivia Ruin
Draft2Digital, LLC

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