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Length: 14,500 words.This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes of sex, including detailed scenes of gender transformations, shemales, partial transformations, genital swaps, mental changes, female-to-male changes, and detailed sex between changed people. For mature audiences only.Excerpt:"Vicky! What are you doing?" I was too shocked to look at her, and turned around, unable to get the image of her with that strap-on out of my head. "Why are you wearing that thing?""I just wanted to see if it fit me," she giggled. She never giggled. But then, I heard her gasp, and perhaps hold back a scream. "Evan? I think something is happening." Her voice trailed off, and I assumed she was trying to tempt me to turn around again, but I was not playing that game. "It's...gone.""What's gone?" She seemed legitimately frightened."Look!" I felt her hand grab my shoulder, and I turned around. My gaze saw the familiar face of my wife, with a look of shock on her eyes and mouth. She was looking down, and I followed her stares. Beyond her thin neck, and past the fragile shoulders of the girl I knew from high school, I continued farther down. Beneath her breasts, and just underneath the hem of her shirt, was something out of the ordinary. At first, I thought it was just an illusion in the light, or perhaps a limb I didn't see causing it. But no, my mind confirmed that it was real after I stared at it a few seconds more. There were no straps, or shining leather anymore around her waist. There was no plastic either. It was the same size, and a match for her creamy skin tone. And it was throbbing.

Fiction & Literature
28 June
Gregor Daniels
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