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Expect the unexpected in “Syra’s Secret”, an eclectic mix of intriguing stories, a roller coaster with twists and turns to keep the readers on edge.
Syra’s secret- “Adjusting those disobedient strands of hair which had gotten out of place, she stole another look at the man.A million stars exploded in Syra’s head. Her stomach churned and she couldn’t believe her eyes …
Charmi-“Pearls of sweat trickled down her forehead. Her large breasts heaved under the tight blouse as her sari slipped and revealed the wetness over them. Gasping for air, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse.She was lactating and looked ravishing. That was the curse, not the red brick wall …
Mango tree-“Distant voices ricocheted in her mind. She in a ponytail, frock, barefooted and Bashir her best friend, the boy next door. They were both fourteen years old. Bitter, sweet memories buried with time suddenly came alive, as the light breeze brushed her cheeks. The tree was trying to tell her something …
Choice-“End of another gruelling day at work. Her thoughts flew to Alan as she made her way to the taxi stand, struggling to open the umbrella. She felt anger rising within, as the gigantic rain drops hit her like a whiplash …
Maggie’s maladies-“The kitchen was spotless. There were no signs of breakfast having been made that morning. No cereal remnants on the floorboard. Even the kettle was empty. Maggie had absolutely no idea as to how the morning tea made its way up to her room. She suddenly realised that the house was practically empty, devoid of anything except bare essentials. An eerie feeling gripped her …
Messenger-“Ravita finds solace in her secret spot under a banyan tree overlooking the Ganges. Should I run or be still? Her mind started racing. No sooner than this question popped in her mind, than the monkey in one quick jump and with a spine-chilling screech came closer to her. Ravita froze …
And many more such fascinating stories edged on nostalgia, erosion of faith, betrayal, love, trust, obsession, thrill, mystery, dread, tragedy, destiny, karma and victory have all been deftly portrayed by the author with appealing characters. Lose yourself amidst them and enjoy the ride & read.

Young Adults
10 July
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