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It was late in the early morning hours as I walked out onto the balcony, the after party slowly winding down as a few stragglers remained. Reaching into my jacket for a smoke and a lighter I sat down in one of the lounge chairs quickly finding a porno mag sitting in the chair next to me. “No… no way,” I thought as I quickly looked behind me, looking back into the condominium only to see the last few couples various stages making out or having sex on the floor and couch, amazed at how things inside were quickly building to an orgy.

“To hell with it… if men can look at this smut why can’t I,” I thought, quickly flipping through the sensual images of naked woman in several sexual positions, the sharp rounds of their sweat covered bodies as they took it from the hot lush studs in the magazine, kindling the fire growing between my inner thighs. “Hmmm,” I sighed, inhaling a deep drag of my cigarette, allowing the fix of nicotine and smoke to fill me up, awakening my senses, intensifying the ideas of lust that began to plague my mind with sinful thoughts.
“So, tell me Serena,” I heard his deep, coarse voice echo through me, catching me completely off guard as I quickly tossed the porno magazine down behind one of the chairs before quickly taking a deep drag of my cig before gazing back up at Ethan. “Wh… what, tell me what you want?” I asked timidly, my eyes gleaming over his body as he stood before me without a shirt and in his boxers. “Though, since you’re practically already naked I can pretty much guess,” I said sarcastically pretending not to be interested as I took another long puff of my smoke, trying my best not to notice the sexy stance Ethan took.

Fiction & Literature
18 September
Veenstra/Exploited Publishing Inc
Smashwords, Inc.

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