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FAQs 102 is organized in a question-answer format with frequently asked questions of the 45 degrees fixed-pitch micro helicopters and the 450 collective-pitch helicopters. To assure simple, straight forward, easy to understand answers, graphics will be displayed along with an advanced HEADS-UP warning system for incoming turbulence and possible confusion. Watch your head as we climb into one of the micro helis - they may be small but don't be deceived by their size, they are a giant step in acquiring the feel of a 450 sized helicopters. If this is your first time flying, the 450 may have a steeper climb rate than you expect, but whether your goals are zipping around in your living room or doing tic-tocs, funnels, and inverted flying, FAQs 102 is designed to help you follow a step-by-step progression to get you off the ground and in the air in the shortest time possible. Have a great flight training. Muscle memory - You practice like crazy - you progress - you regress - you progress. The more you try to hurry it, the slower it gets. Don't give up – you are making more progress than you think. Muscle memory is learning with you. Muscle memory is controlled by the sub-conscious mind but the sub-conscious mind doesn't give any hints how it is doing. It learns at its own rate and its own pace. You can't hurry it - but suddenly when you aren't looking - it will click! The question that students always ask - how much time does it take to learn how to fly? The answer is - as much as it needs, but with patience and practice it may well be the most rewarding learning you have ever taken off with. Pilots of full scale helicopters require hours and hours of professional training before they can solo. RC helicopter pilots often do their first solo with NO instruction. No wonder it is so difficult! Before flying - read the FAQs - it will not only save you countless crashes but countless dollars in replacement parts and countless hours of frustration. Have a great flight training. captJac

12 May
Jack Clarke
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