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Revenge Sex: Payback Was the Key that Unlocked the Carnal Treasures of this Lovely Blonde MILF

Lance Howard is stuck in 1970’s yuppie land. Once a month he and his wife get together with his wife’s sorority sisters and their respective husbands to enjoy a couples evening. The food is fantastic, the wives are fetching and the discussions are pure suburbia: home care, kids, careers, sports and golf. It’s all very platonic. Strictly a scene from the Stepford Wives come to life in Lance’s own personal nightmare.

As an act of rebellion, Lance has tricked, seduced and corrupted six of the Supper Club wives, sharing their sensual pleasures and unleashing their hidden passions. There is one unsullied wife remaining and to sample this particular package, Lance will need to violate a number of social taboos.

Trudy Baker is his next target, a cute, but aloof, blond who has left a trail of fractured egos behind her. Trudy is married with no known history of infidelity. However, her husband is a player and their marriage is less than tranquil. Lances doubts that Trudy will spread her lovely legs for pleasure, at least not for him, but he is confident she will welcome a fresh cock in anger. Therefore, a revenge f**k is the plan. All Lance has to do is arrange for the husband to be caught with a wet wick.

There are seven books in the Supper Club Wives series: Beth - Business Sex; Jenny - Networking Sex; Page - Submissive Sex;  Sarah - Sex Lessons; Carol - Fantasy Sex;  Monica - Sneaky Sex;; Trudy - Revenge Sex..  Each seduction is unique, with its own erotic flavor.  Enjoy.

Fiction & Literature
20 September
Night Table Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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