The 12 Disciples of MEN in Dating & SEX The 12 Disciples of MEN in Dating & SEX
Book 1 - Men's Dating Bible 6-In-1

The 12 Disciples of MEN in Dating & SEX

How to Get a Girlfriend + Texting a Girl + Advanced Text + Conversation Skill + Approach a Woman + Great in Bed Like a Pro

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6-In-1: This Is How to Get a Girlfriend, What to Text Her to Love You, How to Keep a Conversation, How to Approach, and How to Satisfy Her in Bed

Are You Finding It Difficult to Get a Woman to Fall Madly in Love with You, Know What to Text Her, How to Keep a Conversation Going, and Be Great in Bed? Your Final and Permanent Solution (All Nice Guys and Most Alpha Males Don’t Know) Is Here—100% GUARANTEED!)

Inside this comprehensive book is “HOW TO WIN GIRLFRIENDS ATTRACT WOMEN AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE: Alpha Male Dating Advice Models to Guide Men Avoid Being a Nice Guy or Friend Zoned by Girls with 7 Effective Relationship Habits and Law of Attraction to Get a Woman Fall in Love Like a Bad Boy,”


“HOW TO TEXT A GIRL: Men's Ultimate Texting and Dating Advice Guide to Get a Woman Hooked and Fall in Love Via Online Flirty, Dirty, and Witty Messages in 7 Days Like an Alpha Male (WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, or Any Chat App),”


“HOW TO TEXT A GIRL CONT.: A Practical Texting and Relationship Advice Guide for Men to Attract and Seduce Women with Examples of Flirty, Dirty, Naughty, and Witty Text Messages,”


“CONVERSATION CASANOVA SKILL FOR MEN: Dating Advice Guide on How to Start and Keep a Fun and Flirty Communication with Women and in a Relationship Like a Pro.”


“APPROACH AND TALK TO A GIRL: Fearless Dating Advice Secret for Men to Woo, Pick Up Women, Kill Anxiety, and Get a Girlfriend to Date Like a Confident Badass,”


“SHE CUMS FIRST: Men's Best Guide to Be Great in Bed, Be a Sex God, Please a Woman, Pleasure Her to Orgasm Till She's Satisfied and Squirts Like a Dirty Slut.”

It's sad, but I'm glad it happened...

My heart is heavy to share this story—it’s embarrassing and I don’t want you to laugh yet. Listen, if I count how many times I have been friend-zoned, you’ll feel depressed on my behalf.

The last one was many years ago when I was studying in Singapore. The next day, after my heartbreak, my roommate, Michael, called me and said, “Barack Obama is around. He’s at Orchard to meet with Lee Kuan Yew—come, come, come.”

Michael didn’t know what I was going through. He was at Orchard having fun, but I was at home feeling heartbroken and Obama wasn’t the solution I needed at that moment—I needed a relationship expert.

Luckily, I have become that person I needed and I’ll guide you through the ups and downs of how women work, how to get any woman without being friend-zoned and many more things acclaimed dating gurus won't tell you.

In all things, honesty and foundation are key, and that’s how we’ll start. Skip this stage and you'll be in trouble...

You’ve been lied to by dating gurus. Listen, my case was worse than yours. I thought it was because I came from a not-so-rich family or because I wasn’t too tall and handsome.

The truth is: I was in my head. I was the one killing myself—just the same way you’re mentally sabotaging yourself without knowing.

I wish someone had told me all the things I discovered throughout my struggles in understanding women—it would’ve saved me time and energy.

Imagine the shame and pains you feel emotionally, but you have no one to run to for help except Google, yet there are too many inaccurate info by "acclaimed gurus" trying to fill your brain with pickup lines.

Sometimes, you feel resentful towards women because they either rejected or friend-zoned you. This makes you feel undesirable and angry.

From today, things will forever change for you with the info you'll discover soon. After learning these secrets, don't revenge women—forgive them, but flaunt your newly found confidence and skills.

Scroll up and get your copy today to see what is inside.

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16 August
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