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World-wide published author, John Borgstedt, has done it again in this new co-authored book, The Advocates Of the Abused and Silent. Mr. Borgstedt, along with his co-author Theresa Westbrook, has created a book that will both move you and motivate you to be the voice of change for the children of our nation.

Because of the enormous success of Mr. Borgstedts first book, I Love You Mom Please Dont Break My Heart, his personal story of surviving and overcoming unspeakable child abuse is now available in the docudrama entitled I Love You Mom - Please Dont Break My Heart.

When you are in the presence of a real person, you know it. They are the ones who inspire you for the better and genuinely share their lives with others. Theresa Westbrook is genuine and I am pleased to work together for the purposes of ending child abuse, helping victims and positively influencing troubled youth. John Borgstedt
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The Advocates Of the Abused and Silent is an excellent addition to author Theresa Westbrooks first book, A Strand of Pearls, endorsed by nationally known author, Frank Minirth MD.

A Strand of Pearls is widely used by counselors and others who help victims and treat offenders of child sex abuse, and The Advocates Of the Abused and Silent will be a welcomed resource.

Using unique fictional televised settings, co-authors John Borgstedt and Theresa Westbrook blend facts, true stories, their exemplary lives and wit into this power-packed, no-holds-barred, ingenious book.

I am encouraged by John Borgstedts remarkable story and relentless efforts to bring awareness and change in the lives of abused children and troubled youth. Combining our personal experiences and knowledge of physical and sexual child abuse, we become a dynamic duo delivering a one-two punch to knock out child abuse in society. Theresa Westbrook

Fiction & Literature
19 April

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