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Candace is seduced by an alluring Baltic stranger when the two pair up, to leave their friends in their sex-induced slumbers, in search of a cafe. The man leads her into the underground lair of the most horrifying and depraved beast imaginable. Candace is given no choice but to give in to the carnal desires of the beasts.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

The King ripped open Sydney’s tattered clothes in an instant, casting aside the found garments like tissue paper. Before she could say a word, she was there on the cold, rocky ground of that underworld chamber, completely naked before these monsters. The creatures laughed wildly as they quickly stripped themselves of their dirty, disgusting clothes. As the layers fell away from their grotesque bodies, Sydney gasped with horrified delight. It was the most wretchedly beautiful sight that Sydney had ever laid eyes on.

Sydney lay back against the gravelly floor, spreading her legs as wide as she could for the two monsters. They were toying with her, now. They stalked toward her in the darkness of the chamber, circling her like two vultures closing in on a hunk of carrion.

Sydney moaned pitifully, unable to wait any longer for relief.

Markus lowered himself toward Sydney, kneeling in front of her. With a cackle, he knocked her hand away from her crotch. The King quickly caught her arms above her head and held them firmly in place. He nodded toward his son. Without warning or grace, the creature made his move.

Fiction & Literature
25 January
Bree Bellucci
Smashwords, Inc.

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