The Billionaires Box Set Volume 1: 2 Standalone Romances

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Book 1 – The Secretary's Seduction (A Standalone Billionaire Boss and Secretary Love Story)

The funeral was short. 

Laurel was surprised that she cried during the service. It had been small, primarily populated by Laurel and her husband's family. He didn't have many friends and she had no family to speak of so the service was short and sweet. The sky was unbearably bright and they held the service in the late afternoon. Maybe not a sweet funeral, but it was short. 

Richard Ericson had died at the age of thirty five of a massive heart attack. He had grown larger during the last five years of his life and made no effort to remain healthy despite the fact that he nagged at Laurel constantly to maintain her beauty for him. Richard and Laurel had lived quietly side by side, she kept the house and he went to his office job from eight to six. He came home and she had dinner ready. They never had children. There was little love in the marriage. 

It was rather a depressing funeral and Laurel was glad when it was over. 

Her in-laws gave her a curt nod as she walked back to her car and her brother-in-law gave her a lewd smile that made her skin crawl. She quickened her pace and didn't look back. Not at the grave or her supposed 'family'. 

As she drove home by herself one thought kept circling in her mind. It wasn't about her dead husband and how she should have left the marriage earlier. It wasn't about his parent and their lack of affection for both their son and her. It wasn't about the fact that her home would now be empty and only occupied by her. No, her one thought was this:

I have to get a job

Book 2 – Saved by the Billionaire (A Standalone Billionaire's Second Chance Love Story)

The sun was rising, gently pouring into my bedroom.  I stretched out in the sheets, feeling them beneath my fingertips.  They felt better this morning – softer and nicer. 

I had met a boy.

It sounded silly but I had.  Not my type either.  There was no way around the fact he was a dork.  A nerd.  Silly and flustered when he spoke to me, trying to make eye contact but failing because I was a cheerleader.  And I loved it.  He was so adorable that I couldn't stand it.  On a whim and three drinks later, I had given him my number in hopes he'd contact me. 

Now, with a slight hangover, looking at the tree outside my dorm bedroom (a single from some strings my dad had pulled with college admission), I felt excited.  There had been boys since I started college, sure, but not like how I felt with when I had been talking to Chris.

27 February
Roxy Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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