The Billionaires Box Set Volume 3: 4 Standalone Romances

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Book 1 – The Secretary's Seduction (A Standalone Billionaire Boss and Secretary Love Story)

The funeral was short. 

Laurel was surprised that she cried during the service. It had been small, primarily populated by Laurel and her husband's family. He didn't have many friends and she had no family to speak of so the service was short and sweet. The sky was unbearably bright and they held the service in the late afternoon. Maybe not a sweet funeral, but it was short. 

Because there was such little love Laurel was surprised when a few tears slipped out as Richard was lowered into the ground. Her mother-in-law patted her briskly on the shoulder. The woman's face was tight and devoid of emotion as she gave her a stiff hug. Without another word she walked to where her husband stood, a somber man. The two made a lovely emotionless pair. Her mother and father-in-law were silent and shed few tears. There was little love in the family as well. 

Book 2 – Saved by the Billionaire (A Standalone Billionaire's Second Chance Love Story)

The sun was rising, gently pouring into my bedroom.  I stretched out in the sheets, feeling them beneath my fingertips.  They felt better this morning – softer and nicer. 

I had met a boy.

It sounded silly but I had.  Not my type either.  There was no way around the fact he was a dork.  A nerd.  Silly and flustered when he spoke to me, trying to make eye contact but failing because I was a cheerleader.  And I loved it.  He was so adorable that I couldn't stand it.  On a whim and three drinks later, I had given him my number in hopes he'd contact me. 

Book 3 – Second Chance with the Billionaire (A Standalone Billionaire Romance Short Story)

Breanna and Josh are two college students who are madly in love. Sarah is Breanna's best friend and roommate. Josh is a computer science student and Breanna is a cheerleader on a scholarship, Josh is the valedictorian as well. The three of them graduate together and start their new lives.

All goes well for Josh and Breanna in their new life, until the unexpected happens. They thought they had forever but when Josh gets something that he always wanted, something he needs, a hard decision has to be made.

Book 4 – The Actress (A Standalone Billionaire and Actress Erotic Romance Novel)

As Jan looked up the address of the hotel nearest LAX, LA's airport. A casting call looking for young female leads had caught her attention from the back of a literary magazine. She was going out on a limb, and it hit her now more than ever how much she was putting on the line to come out LA on the last of her savings as the plane touched down with the sound of squealing tires. When the landing lurched her forward she knew it wasn't just the excitement of a bumpy ride that was making her chest thump. Deep breathes and focused thoughts were something Jan used a lot of the time when she got anxious, it was something that she'd learned back many years ago.

Cheerleading had taught Jane a lot, and often times her minds drifted back to the life lessons. Teamwork was something that few people in high school seemed to understand, besides maybe a few of the all star athletes. Jane learned it took others to really excel. She still believed that the individual was important, but she saw them as cogs in a larger framework of other cogs.

28 February
Roxy Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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