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This erotic collection includes:

Another Man's Baby
Bella wants to start a family with her boyfriend, Damian, but he doesn't, and so she decides to dump him. To cheer her up, a friend takes her to a club where she meets David. They end up in bed together and engage in unprotected sex. She doesn't give it a second thought until she starts to display the symptoms of pregnancy, which occur just as Damian decides to beg her to come back. This short story features breeding, creampie, cunnilingus, one night stand.

Bar-Room Slut
Michaela can't believe it when her boyfriend, John, confesses to having cheated on her whilst they're on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the US. She soon finds herself in a bar, surrounded by men, and revenge is very much at the forefront of her mind. What better way to make him suffer than to let these men use her body for their pleasure and to risk being impregnated by a complete stranger? This short story features: breeding, creampie, g******g.

At All Costs
Sophie cannot believe that her boyfriend, Michael, has dumped her. She might treat him like dirt sometimes, but she can't bear to lose him and so will stop at nothing to win him back. She decides that if she tells him she's pregnant, he will return, but first she needs to get pregnant. She goes to a dogging site where there are plenty of willing men, including someone rather unexpected. This short story features blackmail, b*****b, breeding, creampie, g******g, public sex.

Fiction & Literature
2 May
Isobel Tearle
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