The Dragon School Slave Girls

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It is 1954, and six young English women; Audrey, Wendy, Irene, Olive, Monica, and Grace have graduated from Farthingwell Grange School for orphans in England. Now, escorted by teacher Flora Hyde, they have travelled by liner to the tropical island Kingdom of Bandanor in the South Seas as guests of the international foundation that sponsored the “Dragon School” project.

But instead of an idyllic holiday the girls find themselves stripped and bound and being prepared for a new life as sex slaves on an island where female servitude is considered perfectly normal and young blonde virgin English women will fetch a high price at auction. They realize that they have been betrayed by their school and their teacher and this was their panned fate all along.
Flora is also deceived by a mysterious Mr Chang, and she falls into the clutches of an unscrupulous trader in female flesh who sells her to a temple of sadistic priests in the highlands of Bandanor.

After a painful initiation, the girls are taken to the Green Dragon Slave House to be prepared for a public auction, where their maidenheads are put on display to entice the highest bidders. One by one they are sold off.
Wendy ends up working for a high-class slave house in the capital, Kalaru, which hires out slave girls like her to discerning clients. She is sent to serve a charming sadist who believes pleasure must always be balanced by pain. Olive, however, finds unexpected rewards as a ponygirl in an oriental version of an ancient Roman chariot race. Audrey serves a rich family while being dominated by her fellow black slave girl, whom she must pleasure for their amusement. Irene is put on display in a luxury goods emporium. Monica’s new master sets about transforming her into his rubber pet. Meanwhile, Grace, perhaps the most beautiful girls of them all, is specially pierced and prepared to serve a very important master.

Flora makes a desperate escape from the jungle temple only to be captured by the inhabitants of a small farming village preparing to send their own girls to market to sell into slavery. A white woman, of course, would fetch an even higher price. She tries to convince her sceptical new master that something dreadful is going to happen involving the girls. But she has to endure a terrible test to prove she is telling the truth.

Shameful public torments await Wendy and Irene on the day of the King’s birthday parade, when the mastery of Bandanorians over white female flesh is celebrated with their naked bound bodies on display on parade floats for all to see. Can the Dragon School girls endure this final challenge, or will this break their spirit for ever?

What is the dark secret Flora has been keeping and how is the fate of the Dragon School girls connected with the plans of Mr Chang and the safety of the King himself?

Fiction & Literature
18 December
Draft2Digital, LLC

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