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If nothing else, Green Bush Publishing doesn’t know when to stop. Volume 19 of our compilation series is a solo adventure for Elliot Silvestri featuring Milking Polly, Thrall of the Succubus, Submissive Milking, Ms. Menolly Mlkvy’s Milk. This collection is for milk lovers everywhere on the internet.

Total length is 77,000 words. This collection is intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: features graphic sex, erotic lactation, group sex, adult nursing relationships, lesbian sex, anal sex, sex between a human and non-human character, non-human impregnation, episodes of violence, unusual sex practices, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.

Milking Polly
When Polly decides to give Ben his ultimate choice in anniversary presents, she never would have guessed he wanted to make her breasts start lactating for him. She willingly goes along with his kinky scheme once he agrees to let her date another man who quickly develops an obsession with another part of her anatomy.

Thrall of the Succubus
Being a bit of social outsider Liam always had trouble meeting women. He couldn’t believe his good luck upon meeting the very willing Sylvia. Their physically intimate relationship quickly takes strange turns not to the kinks he was hoping for but in the way she used his body. Become enthralled by an other-worldly being wasn’t so bad he told himself…

Submissive Milking
Angelica is an experienced submissive looking for a new master. When she finds Cameron and clicks with him, she isn’t so certain he is the right master for her because he is new to the game. But when Cameron forces her body to lactate she begins to see possibilities in her new dom. Pushing her boundaries in her private and public life makes her rethink her decision…

Ms. Menolly Mlkvy’s Milk
Ms. Menolly Mlkvy is a teacher who falls under the sway of the parents of two of her students. They seduce the young teacher and take her to bed, a completely unprofessional and unexpected development in her life. But it’s one thing to go to bed with a married couple, it’s another entirely to discover that the couple is in an adult nursing relationship and want her to indulge in the wife’s milk…

Fiction & Literature
9 December
Elliot Silvestri
Smashwords, Inc.

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