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The Invisible College of Magic is the multiverse’s finest educational institution for wizards. That doesn’t mean its students don’t have time for plenty of extracurricular activities which is mostly sex.

A shapeshifter. An enchantress. A centaur. A half-demon. A fire wizard. An earth wizard. All of them magical and all of them lusty for the kinkiest sex in the Invisible College of Magic. They’re all being hunted by a mysterious predator while they carefully study the strangest of phenomenon: sex in every possible kinky permutation.

A few deaths can’t deter the students of the Invisible College from their primary pursuit: sex. While the search for a killer starts, Shifty manages to bed a siren and get blamed for her death while his friends sexually torment Damian the half-demon. The group gets drunk and Shifty and Cybelle find themselves back in bed, but both are still looking for strange new sexual partners…

This is a 10,000 word novelette intended for adult audiences. Part three of a series.

Content warning: This story features graphic sex, human-centaur sex, lesbian sex, sexual deviance, sexual hijinks, sex magic, sex with multiple partners, gay sex, elf sex, fairy sex, and explicit depictions of adult sexuality that not all members of the public will enjoy.


“My head is spinning,” he said, not knowing if she was listening.

“You’re drunk,” she told him.

“Yeah.” He wanted to tell her that he was still worried about the accusation against him, but his tongue wasn’t working. “It doesn’t help,” was all he managed.

“I’m horny,” she abruptly declared.

“You are?” He didn’t know why he asked such a stupid question. The proper answer to a woman saying I’m horny is to invite her into bed, but he couldn’t make that connection in his state.

She nodded too emphatically. “Yeah. Let’s have sex.”

Shifty went along with her suggestion because he didn’t know how to say no to her. Their clothes fell away and eventually he found himself on his back with Cybelle on top of him struggling to get things going.

“C’mon,” she said to him. “You can change any part of your body. Fix this!”

With a nod Shifty focused for a second managed to bring about the rock-hard change in his body that Cybelle was looking for.

Fiction & Literature
25 November
Elliot Silvestri
Smashwords, Inc.

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