Book 2 - The Power of Inner Change for Outer Results

The Power of Inner Change for Outer Results Vol. 2 Mind Direction How to Use Your Mind to Improve Your Well-being

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What if you felt that you were good enough, right here, right now?How many ways would your life change for the better?You are tired of second-guessing yourself and giving up before you really get started. You are exhausted from having a downer on yourself no matter how hard you try. You are fed up of feeling invisible at work or socially. Maybe you can see your children beginning to live the same patterns and you want a better life for them. But how exactly can you make that leap into a more confident self-assurance?The first step is learning to accept yourself exactly as you are. Then taking control of your own mind to create a future that is better than the past. In The Power of Inner Change for Outer Results: Volume 2, Mind Direction, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Energy Healer Marese Hickey offers expert advice for those who are ready for transformative change. She has spent seventeen year’s offering clinical hypnotherapy to clients, helping people just like you. The author’s writing style is conversational, relaxed, humorous and compassionate.This eBook contains powerful guided visualisations (and links to free pre-recorded versions by Marese Hickey) that show you how to tap into the incredible power of your own subconscious mind and create lasting change, more easily than you would have believed possible. These are techniques that have been successful for Marese on her own personal journey, and for the many clients she has shared them with over the last seventeen years.If you have low self-confidence and a lack of self-belief, you are subconsciously holding yourself back from your highest and best life. Invest in your future now and take the first step forward today. In The Power of Inner Change for Outer Results: Volume 2, Mind Direction, you will discover:How to accept yourself as you are now - the foundation of radical life changeHow to successfully change your self-talk and energise your lifeHow to tap into the power of intention to direct your own life, your own wayHow to use the power of attention to get what you wantHow to use your own powerful subconscious mind to transform your lifeScroll up and add to cart now

Body, Mind & Spirit
29 November
Marese Hickey
Draft2Digital, LLC

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