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Would you sacrifice your life to feel?

For eighteen years, Evangeline has been raised without physical or emotional feelings. All decisions are made by Impetus, the only remaining community in a barren and destroyed world, that has repopulated humankind with their strict system.

But her life isn't as it appears.

A forbidden friendship with a boy surviving on the outskirts of Impetus teaches Evangeline a dangerous choice she didn't think she had. When Evangeline defies Impetus's plans for her future on her eighteen birthday, she awakens from a dark punishment to a divided world, power clashes, and senseless murders masked by lies of goodwill. With her life and the lives of those she loves on the line, Evangeline must discern the truth from the illusion while fighting the injustices forced on humankind.

Is life worth living if you live without feelings?

Readers Reviews

"I found this book to be very well written, with great character development, excellent world building, very atmospheric, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't want it to end, but couldn't stop reading because I had to find out what happened next. Thankfully there is another installment, I can't wait!" - Carolyn, Goodreads
"The book is reminiscent of other dystopian novels, such as The Giver, the Matched trilogy, and Delirium, but only in very small sections, and I soon realized that this was a book all of its own." - Jessica, Goodreads

"An interesting take on YA Dystopian fiction, Eckhardt manages to wrap the naivete of the world up in a neat little socialised bow. Whilst creating the characters for this novel, you can see that great care was taken to personify these people, and highlighted the way people can be brainwashed to believe their flaws are better for the many." -Lauren, Goodreads

"If you're looking for a really great dystopian novel that has excellent writing, complex characters, cute romances, twists and edge of your seat moments... this is the book for you. I cannot wait to read the next one in this series!" - Elizabeth, Goodreads

"I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys dystopias. If that's a genre you like to read, this novel is one to add to your list." - Courtney, Goodreads

The Remedy Files Trilogy

Book #1: Illusion
Book #2: Rebirth
Book #3: Divided

Young Adults
1 April
Burning Soul Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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