The Sinclair Society Box-Set 1

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Follow the continuing adventures of Juliet Sinclair as she searches for the truth in Regency England

Juliet, A Sinclair Society Short Story: The story begins...

Just returned from a few weeks in London, seventeen-year-old Juliet Sinclair is eager to convince her mother that they should have a house party. These plans are forgotten when terrible news arrives concerning her brother. Juliet is not prepared for how her life is about to change.

Regency Rumors: Juliet Sinclair knows her family are not traitors to the crown-the difficulty is in proving it.

Driven by a desire to save the Sinclair name from disgrace, Juliet seeks assistance from her father's old friends, the Burnhams. Unfortunately, her arrival does not go as expected, and Juliet finds herself mistakenly assuming the role of lady's maid to Mrs. Burnham and her daughter Eugenia. This unintentional appointment provides her with an opportunity to gain Mrs. Burnham's confidence and to investigate the treasonous rumors against her family as she assists Eugenia with preparations for her first London Season. But a grave threat hangs over the denizens of Burnham House, and Juliet has uncovered evidence that might prevent the family from suffering her own disastrous fate... if she can reveal the truth in time.

The Debutante: Juliet Sinclair knows her brother was murdered-now if only she could understand why.

Proving her family innocent of treason is taking a toll on lady-turned-maid Juliet. Her latest investigation has brought her into the service of the spoiled Miss Dunbar and her salacious older brother, who pursues Juliet despite repeated rebuffs. Complicating matters further is the reappearance of Juliet's former beau who has not yet learned to do without her, and a growing attraction between herself and her brother's witty--and handsome--best friend.

Even with these distractions, Juliet begins to piece together the events surrounding her brother's final days--and his connection to a mysterious figure named only as "H." But Juliet's ruse is under threat of revelation, and her blackmailer is one who will not hesitate to burn her unless she gives him what he wants: every document related to her brother's former role as a spy for His Majesty against the French.

Clarendon Estate: Juliet Sinclair must unmask a murderer before her own false identity is revealed...

Clarendon Estate, the country home of Sir Horace and Lady Celia Leith, has been a refuge for Juliet Sinclair after the traumatic events of Bath.

It may also be the home of a murderer.

All signs point to a significant connection between Sir Horace and Juliet's brother, and the more she investigates, the stronger her belief that the man may be the mysterious H she is searching for. But revealing a murderer has consequences Juliet hadn't expected. In continuing her ruse of servitude, Juliet finds herself forming a close bond with Lady Leith as they thwart the designs of Sir Horace's domineering mother, a woman who will do all she can to keep control of the household. Can Juliet condemn her new friend to a life with such a woman as her only family?

Time is running short. A house party is set to descend on Clarendon, bringing with it the threat of more than one person who may reveal Juliet's true identity and destroy her careful plans to keep her name above scandal. But the truth is closer than she realizes...

Fiction & Literature
12 September
Lilac Petal Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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