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A severe drought had occurred in the jungle. The stream that once flowed there had dried up because no rain had fallen for many days. One critter’s mouth has gotten himself into trouble. He’s upset and wants company. Along comes another unsuspecting rascal with a pail of water for all of his neighbors to enjoy. An argument erupts, almost costing our good Samaritan more than anyone bargained for. 

This story allows the reader to witness how one person’s misery lures in company. Reader, be aware. There’s always going to be frustrated people somewhere in this world. Nonetheless, it’s up to you to maintain his or her wits after being confronted by someone else with evil intentions. For it is written, “Be wise to what is good, but innocent as to what is evil” (Romans 16:19). 

The jungle boogie (story) was inspired by an actual event. The water main on my block had burst. Our block had no water. Our next door neighbor’s son had come up with a good idea that would provide relief for everyone’s thirst. This nice lad had his parents purchase ten cases of bottled water. He placed the bottled water in the middle of our block for all of his neighbors to enjoy. Also, we had another neighbor’s son that had a bad attitude. It seemed as though his mouth would get him into trouble over and over again. He was on porch restriction during our water main problem due to the carelessness of his mouth. It made him miserable seeing how his neighbors were receiving relief from their thirst by drinking a bottle of water provided by our good Samaritan. He decided to start an argument with our good Samaritan. This incident had inspired this book, The Sloth and the Parrot

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17 May
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