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It’s The Pitts Limericks is proud to announce the release of their very first interactive eBook, The Tale of the Whale and Jonah.  This book has been written with all ages in mind.  Non-readers will be happy to hear the book read to them, while early readers will enjoy reading it themselves. Even older kids and adults will find this book entertaining. 

Written in limerick form, this 32 page story has over 140 interactive “hot spots” that children can touch (or click on) which will produce movement and/or sound for their enjoyment throughout the book.  Explore the book more than once to make sure each “hot spot” is found!

Come and meet Jonah, a prophet of God, who is called to preach to the wicked people of Nineveh. Tag along with him as he runs from God, jumps in a boat, takes a short swim, and ends up being an afternoon snack for a huge beast! Spend three days with Jonah as he sits in the belly of a whale!  Have you ever wondered what else might be in there?  Come and find out!

You’ll soon realize that this is NOT a typical Bible story book!

Through our interactive eBooks, “It’s The Pitts Limericks” uses the lost art of limerick writing to offer an exciting and different way for children, and their parents, to learn and remember Bible Stories. Great care has been taken to make sure the stories remain scripturally sound, while taking liberties to add a touch of humor to grab and maintain your child’s attention.

Religion & Spirituality
15 July
It's The Pitts Limericks LC
Its The Pitts Limericks LC

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