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Welcome to Pleasurelandia (partly a region, partly a state of mind)… where gorgeous, smiling women are on call to drive you wild with pleasure at any moment of the day or night … within 5-30 minutes of a phone call. Where “massage” is only an opening gambit, like a “Hello,” one that could culminate in the most mind-blowing sex you’ve ever had. Where you could end up falling in love and never want to leave. Where you could have three spectacular massages in a day with three different, gorgeous women without leaving your room … and still pay less than for a single New York City massage.

Describing his visits to Pleasurelandia—large areas of Thailand, and a few pockets of Indonesia and Cambodia, and perhaps a few other “sin cities” or “pleasure capitals” in Southeast and East Asia—"the author weaves a web of humor and thrills as he lies on massage tables across the globe” (review). The spirit of Pleasurelandia often extends beyond these specific areas: East and Southeast Asian people are generally pleasure-loving, non-hypocritical, and “live and let live” types.

Specific episodes include a Sandwich Massage in Thailand; a three-girl massage in Bali; a co-ed Bangkok shower ending in passionate sex; a Shanghai masseuse greedy for pleasure; hot Indonesian women who defy rules to have joyous sex with clients; a skimpily clad Vietnamese sex-bomb masseuse who keeps asking if the customer wants his "baby" massaged: and offers a generous number of free samples; and others.

An Appendix provides a random consumer guide for heterosexual men on getting more from their massages in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Around 39,000 words or 150 regular paperback pages.

Fiction & Literature
3 February
P.C. Anders
Draft2Digital, LLC

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