Tormented By Ghosts: True Life Experiences

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Do You Love Scary Paranormal Books? Mysterious, Tantalizing & Spine-chilling Encounters From the Other Side - Reading Tormented by Ghosts Will Make Your Skin Crawl & Blow Your Mind!

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Curl up on the couch by the fireplace, dim the lights if you dare! Be enticed into reading a horrifying book to send shivers down your spine and raise your hair. You won’t want to put the book down, you’ll want to read on to see what happens next!

Read about one woman’s supernatural encounters and hauntings being terrorized by ghosts. A book about one encounter after another that will leave you gasping for breath. Be aware, we are all surrounded by ethereal entities who are letting us know they are there!

She wants to be normal, but the spirit world has other plans. Tormented by Ghosts is a true story about her unfortunate encounters with ghosts and other otherworldly paranormal phenomena that have greatly affected Lynda’s life. The struggles include harrowing encounters of unwanted Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), her Near Death Experience (NDE), her horrifying visit from a demonic apparition, and mysterious bone-chilling ghostly visits.

Lynda has been dealing with the phenomena for over thirty years seeking guidance and help from various mediums and psychics to get answers to deal with the paranormal. She has developed her own psychic abilities over the years to assist her in warding off negative and evil ghosts to protect herself and her family. Her daily battle is to overcome the paranormal and control the abilities that she has been given! Is she seeing and hearing ghosts that may have a message for her or to let themselves be known or to simply taunt her?

This is a story with many stories. You’ll want to sleep with the lights on because it could also happen to you, too”

A Riveting Book, You Won’t Want to Sleep With the Lights Off!

Ethereal anomalies follow and attach themselves to people creating paranoia and chaos in normal peoples' lives. You will read scary and frightening accounts with the other side from:

Demonic Apparitions
Encounters with Poltergeists
Out of Body Experiences
Near Death Experience
Other Ghost or Spirit Encounters

The debut book from Lynda Bogert, Tormented by Ghosts - True Life Experiences is a new addition to the unexplained and true paranormal phenomena. Accepting her medium abilities as a sensitive and empathy, Lynda recalls past haunting experiences dealing with ghosts and spirits in the Supernaturalism and Ghosts & Hauntings' tradition of Gerard J.M. Van Den, Colin Dickey, Jay Anson and medium Kim Russo.

If you love to be thrilled and chilled by real-life stories of unexplained supernatural stories.

This book is for you!

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Excerpt from Latest Goodreads Review:
"'Tormented By Ghosts' isn't a scary story. It's a chilling tale with two clashing poles. One side pulls you to hope and happiness then the other side leaves you dreading the dark." Kindle eBook Version, Joseph Dyer - Author and Illustrator 13 Sep 2016

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Body, Mind & Spirit
20 July
Lynda Bogert
Draft2Digital, LLC

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