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Todd and Leah have what to his buddies, to his family, to many might seem a very non-traditional marriage, but the truth is, neither would have it any other way. While Todd stays home and takes care of the house, the cleaning, the meals, Leah has worked her way into a very good career. And unlike most guys, Todd loves Leah as she is, not because as the guys used to say she was the most bangable babe around.

Having known each other most of their lives, they met as children when Leah defended Todd, one of the most sensitive guys she would ever meet, on a playground from bullies. And Todd is perfectly happy with their marriage. Having been married a few years now, they have a good plan for their lives, and Leah leads that plan, as the sensitive quiet Todd would have it no other way.

But they say TV can rot a viewer's mind, and they've never watched Trance-tory TV before. Writing articles for a living, Leah has never shied away from hard-hitting topics or controversial issues. So while flipping the channels trying to find something to just relax and watch after a long day of work, Leah is the one interested in a new television channel neither knew was added.

It's called Trance-tory TV, channel 69.5 of all things, and a special is about to begin called Women and their Societal Roles.

Figuring what could be a more perfect inspiration or source material for a new article, Leah is all for watching it, and of course her always supportive husband Todd is right there with her. But just how will both of them react when this special seems to be taking the position that all women are good for is staying home, cooking, making babies?

In a very backwards thinking, fifties style special, hosted by a man in an equally old-fashioned suit named Rod Blackington. As they watch, Todd is very aware of how angry Leah is getting, how frustrated this horribly sexist chauvinist and just plain insulting host is being in showing what is wrong with many of today's women. But when he asks about changing the channel, Leah angrily refuses, wanting to use this as material to completely tear this poor excuse for a television channel apart in one of her articles.

But could there be something strange happening during the commercials of this television special? Could there be something changing much more than merely the channel in both Leah and Todd?

As they watch this hour long special, will Leah begin to wonder if she could be happy as little more than a sexy babymaker... and will Todd begin to wonder why his hot little wife isn't sucking his dick while they watch TV since her mouth has nothing else to do?

Get ready for a whole new programming package that will have things streaming in and out of the bedroom. It's Trance-tory TV, and sensitive viewers may need to beware.

Fiction & Literature
17 November
Kris Kreme
Smashwords, Inc.

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