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Amazon top reviewer Betty Dravis says, "If this magical book were a movie--which it should be--I picture it on a colossal scale like "Lord of the Rings." If it were a painting, it would be like Paul Cezanne's "The Card Players" which sold for $259 million dollars, the most expensive painting ever sold to date. Hollywood, are you listening?" Another 5 star reviewer of Book 1 comments, "These are stories that can actually awaken the creativity inside you and dare you to dream and fantasize." And yet another comment from the 5 star review says, "The language is elegant and excellent. Illustrations always give a new meaning to the characters and these illustrations also give you an idea of how each character looks as well as lending color to the story." Welcome to the epic high fantasy, Hidden Earth Series. Maycly is a world everyone longs to experience, but for Iona it has become a fading dream. She hopefully, in time, will find that the Grand Wizard, SUL, has a plan. Iona's life gets turned topsy-turvy and she finds it’s going to take all she has to hang on after her family goes missing. When the puppy (Wiskee) magically appears on her doorstep and an eviction notice arrives she decides to leave the past behind her and continue her search for her missing family. With Wiskee by her side Iona soon finds she is not cut out for the homeless life. But thanks to the chance meeting of, and the subtle promptings from, the whimsical character, Dumpster Man, Iona chooses to abandon all that is familiar to her. At the moment she makes her choice her bedroom goes pitch black, and she and Wiskee feel the bed they are sitting on begin to rise into the darkness. Panicked and with no idea where she is headed, Iona clings to Wiskee as the frightening journey begins. With Wiskee trembling in her arms, and her own skin crawling Iona can only wonder if her choice had been the biggest mistake of her life. Experience the emotions of the trials and triumphs in a magical world where love is the greatest magic of all. Book 1 ends with a great cliff hanger leading you right into the next Hidden Earth Series book, Book 2 of the Maycly trilogy, The Battle of Trust and Treachery. Discover the dreams - the magic - the quest! This ebook comes complete with color illustrations, maps, family tree, and recipe!

Fiction & Literature
26 November
Janet Beasley
Smashwords, Inc.

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