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Chris is more than used to being hurt and dominated by Tanner, the bully he is in love with. But when someone else decides to turn Chris into a punching bag, Tanner starts to feel downright possessive and protective of the boy he loves to use for sex. Will the incident change their relationship for good?
This story contains PHYSICAL DOMINATION, HUMILIATION and elements of severely twisted romance.

“C*****t,” Tanner said, using the insult reserved for me that I’d come to think of as more of a nickname, “you look like s**t.”
I tried for an answer, but my lips were shaking too hard. Tanner looked at me for a moment longer, his expression strangely pained. Then, with a sigh, he bent down and scooped me up into his arms.
My head spun. I couldn’t figure out what was going on at all. The motion made me feel sick, however, so I closed my eyes and dropped my head against Tanner’s chest.
I remained in a dazed state for an undetermined amount of time. When Tanner finally laid me down, I used my good eye to look around for the first time and realized that we were in someone’s living room. And I was lying on a couch.
I really was not sure what was going on.
“I hurt,” I muttered, because, well, I was.
Tanner made a sound of amusement as he returned to my side.
“Yeah, no s**t, c*****t.”
It sounded almost like an endearment this time, so I smiled at it, even though it hurt to do so. Something hit my chest with a rattling sound.
“Take some painkillers,” Tanner instructed me. “I’ll get you some ice for your face.”
He was taking care of me. I felt touched. Obediently, I screwed open the bottle - which wasn’t easy with only one good arm - and swallowed three gelcaps. Then, after contemplating it for a moment, I took two more.
Tanner was back and pressing an ice pack into my hand just a moment later. While I cooled my face, he sighed and sat down by my side.
“Why’d he kick the crap out of you?” he asked then. “Did you refuse to give him your lunch money or something?”
“If by ‘lunch money’ you mean ‘ass’, then yes.” I had no idea where I was finding the guts to say that. Tanner usually had the effect of making me wide-eyed and mute. But for some reason, I wasn’t scared of him just now. Maybe it was because of everything I’d just been through, the shock of it.
“Why?” Tanner asked, frowning. “You’re usually such a big fan of it.”
I genuinely thought he’d figured this out by now.
“Well, that’s cause it’s you,” I replied.
“So…” he sighed. “What? You actually are in love with me?”

Fiction & Literature
2 April
Off The Cuff Publishing
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