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Conrad, Theo, and Silke begin their last year of college. Having the rest of the gang absent throws them off in the beginning, but they stick together and push through it.

Conrad is only looking for easy grabs and isn’t interested in a serious relationship at this time in life. When he spots a gorgeous woman at a party, someone who’s clearly too classy for kegs and beer pong, he wants to land her as his next excursion. But she slips through his fingers without ever seeing his face. Without knowing her name, he forgets about her. But will he see her again?

Theo works as an instructor at a martial arts studio, and when a girl comes in for an interview, they spar on the mat. When Theo is unable to unleash his usual force because she’s a woman, she overtakes him and wins the match. He’s teased mercilessly for the loss, and Alex, his new nemesis, never lets him forget it. 

Silke knows she’s wasting her time with a bad boy who wears a leather jacket, drives his Harley around, and smokes on a staircase. But there’s something about him that draws her in. She’s the only one who knows there’s more to him than he claims, and slowly she proves it, forcing him to accept the truth.

Skye is devastated by the loss of Cayson. After having to lie and make Cayson believe something so horrible, she’s weak and broken. Not having him is like trying to breathe in space. She can’t get enough air no matter how hard she tries. Seeing another woman answer his door in nothing but a t-shirt rips her heart in half. Unsure what to do or how to function, she falls apart.

Cayson begins medical school, but his mind is usually elsewhere. Despite what Skye did to him, he can’t shake the feelings he has for her. He wants to hate her. He wants to forget about her. He wishes they’d never been together…but he still wants her back. He knows he’s weak and pathetic. Bitterness comes out when he understands what Skye has done. She threw them away for something so stupid. Every day is a struggle and he doesn’t believe he’ll ever get over her.

Slade and Trinity are struggling to keep their relationship together. Not having their privacy is taking a toll. Slade wants to sleep with Trinity, to cuddle with her all night. Not being able to feel her warm body next to his has made him lose sleep for months. But somehow, their lack of intimacy only pushes them closer together.

Book Six of the Forever and Ever Series.

9 January
Fallen Publishing
Erika Todd

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