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If you're brand new to investing and trading you can learn to go from financial mediocrity to financial prosperity trading 30 minutes a week in the time it takes you to read this entire book. 30 Minute Trader details what it will take to become a consistently profitable investor and trader in today's financial markets working against the best investors and traders in the world every day.

The probability that you will ever beat Wall Street is low. You can however learn to see what the smart money is doing and profit with them if you know what to look for and where to look for it on a price chart. 30 Minute Trader can help you to understand what you need to see in order to consistently make money with the smart money.

There is no faking it in the live financial markets, either you get it or you don't. The live markets will expose every flaw you have as a human being and then some. Smart money knows you are flawed and make the same mistakes over and over again and they prey on the retail investor and trader until they either do get it or are cleaned out of their account and sent on their way.

This is not a history of the market trading book. You can look all of that history crap up online at your leisure if you want to know that information, while it is good to know, it will not make you real money in the live markets every day. You should already know how to read and build out a price chart and be using supply and demand as your trading method if you're going to use these techniques to make unlimited money from trading only 30 minutes a week and also be using a rule based trading plan which you can incorporate some of these principles into.

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