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An outline to how you might proceed to position yourself

favourably in order to begin making a living from Currency Trading. I do not say that you

will make a living, only that you might begin to do so. After all, if you do not practice

restraint and patience in your trading activities, you will most surely lose more than you gain.

I will introduce you to some of the basic terminology, and get you started on the most

reliable way to begin building your trading skills in the fascinating world of online Fourex


Foreign Currency trading - commonly known as Forex Trading, is one of the most volatile

markets there is, and one of the most wildly exciting - or frustrating - markets you can work

in. It also has the potential to lose you a great deal of mont very quickly. Please be aware and

remember at all times that trading foreign exchange on margins carries a very high level of

risk, and may not be and in fact is not suitable for all investors.

You should carefully consider your objectives, your experience and your capacity for risk

taking. The possibility exists that you could lose all or some of your investment. Like all forms

of investment in high risk areas - don’t invest money if you can’t afford to lose it. If you

have any doubts what so ever, then don’t get involved with Foreign Exchange trading. You

can make a fortune, and you can lose a fortune. Both equally quickly. You can learn as I did,

with lots of practice, and eventually you can be earning enough to make a reasonable income

with minimum risk. I’m not saying no risk, I’m saying minimum risk. There will be days when

you simply can’t get it right, and you will make losses. But I will show you how to minimise

those losses. There will be days when you make gain after gain. I will show you how to control

those gains so that you are never over exposed to high risk. Over exposed? That’s all to do

with how much of your precious capital you have out there at any one time.

Most of all - you will learn patience and self control. You must plan ahead, and you must

stick to your plan. Fourex trading is very much like gambling, and you can very easily get

sucked into the vortex in the excitement of the moment.

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Robert Chalmers