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A Study of The Book of Genesis:

To many, the Book of Genesis is a source of confusion. Some of the reasons for this include: For such a relatively small book, it covers a massive expanse of time, so some things are not covered as thoroughly as some would like. Throughout a lot of the Book, there is no written history to back anything up. And, there is a side, both in the scientific world and even in the Christian world, which refuses to accept the truths that are told in the Book, and which seemingly more fervently, even fanatically, teach theories that are diametrically opposed to how the world and mankind came into being as taught in the Book of Genesis. As a result these situations have brought about what may be the Bible's biggest nemeses, which are myths, fables, fairytales, and traditions that are taught as Biblical truths, and have been for so long that even preachers and teachers accept them as fact without any question. It is not the purpose of this book to dispel all of these false teachings, but instead its purpose is to encourage you to dig deep and study the Bible for yourself, "Rightly dividing the truth."

The Book of Genesis is one of the most important Books of the Bible, forming the foundation that the remainder of the Bible rests upon. If you misunderstand Genesis, then your whole understanding of the Bible is prone to be off too. Fortunately for all of mankind, God is not a God of knowledge, but instead is a God of faith, and faith is one of the common cords that run the length of not just the Book of Genesis, but throughout the entire Bible. But the Book of Genesis isn't just about faith, it is also about grace, mercy, and forgiveness, which are also like the cord of faith in that they too run the entire length of the Bible. When these four cords are combined together to form a whole, they form a strong rope that is stronger than the sum of the cords that it is made from. To me, that is what the Book of Genesis is about, not just facts, but faith, grace, mercy, and forgiveness, and I hope that that is what you get from this study.

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abril 22
B.D. Gray
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