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Advances in Coastal Hydraulics contains twelve papers that report on recent developments in several areas of coastal hydraulics. The papers, written by well-regarded authors, cover interesting topics such as the interaction of groundwater and coastal waters, the use of remote sensing for coastal applications, erosion in Arctic environments, the impact of marine vegetation on coastal hydrodynamics, new methods to examine the reliability of breakwater design, the development of marine kinetic energy, and methods for modeling coastal processes as well as their applications to small and large scales, such as a harbor in Hawaii (for design) and the extensive coast of India (for examining the effects of tsunamis and sea level rise). The developments presented in this book could serve not only as a reference book, but also as a starting point for new endeavors in the respective topics.
Contents: Flows Within Marine Vegetation Canopies (Julia C Mullarney and Stephen M Henderson)Artic Coastal Erosion Modeling (Tom Ravens and Sasha Peterson)Perspectives on Modeling Saltwater Intrusion Processes in Coastal Groundwater Aquifers (Sun Woo Chang and T Prabhakar Clement)Coastal Ocean Observing Systems for the 21st Century (Steven F DiMarco and Anthony H Knap)Recent Developments in Numerical Modeling of Coastal Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport (Qin Chen, Weiming Wu and Ling Zhu)ANN Techniques: A Survey of Coastal Applications (Shreenivas N Londhe and Vijay Panchang)Wave Dissipation Mechanisms in Spectral Phase-Resolved Nonlinear Wave Models (James M Kaihatu, Samira Ardani, John T Goertz, Aravinda Venkattaramanan and Alexandru Sheremet)Use of Numerical Modeling and Field Data for Harbor Infrastructure Modifications (Zeki Demirbilek, Lihwa Lin, Thomas D Smith and Okey G Nwogu)Evaluation of Extreme Sea Levels and Their Impacts — An Overview of Indian Coastal Regions (T Jayasankar and T I Eldho)Remote Sensing Applications and Bathymetric Mapping in Coastal Environments (K Todd Holland and Margaret L Palmsten)Concepts for Stochastic Design and Assessment of Coastal Structures and Coastal Protection (Jeffrey A Melby)Marine Hydrokinetic Energy: Tidal Streams (Kevin A Haas and Alexandra C Muscalus)
Readership: Graduate students, academics and professionals in civil engineering, ocean engineering/coastal engineering and oceanography.
Coastal;Ocean;Engineering;Hydraulics;Modeling;Breakwaters;Groundwater;Remote Sensing;Waves;Tidal Energy;Ports;ANN;Ocean Observing System;Marine Vegetation;Erosion;Tsunami;Sea Level Rise0Key Features:Wide range of topics covered from theory to applications in the recent advancement in coastal engineeringThe developments described here can serve as a starting point for new endeavors in the respective topicsState-of-art development in coast engineeringWritten by experts in the field

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