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This book combines the language of poetry and the visuals of light. An art form and a sonnet, this experience, exclusive to Apple Books, express thoughts unseen and forces seen. Part of a personal journey through life as well as recognizing the current environmental factors in humanities history. 

From the Artist: 

This is a love letter to humanity. 

When I graduated college in 2008, I faced a very uncertain future with the collapse of the economy, many unknowns, both personally and within my career. Since, I have found myself, hard fought, to create a place for myself that resonated with my Spirit and the essence of Truth. The past three years, especially, the world around me mimicked the epics of Revelation. While I have truly never read the book extensively, I did find that my own battle with death was real. I somehow crossed over while being fully conscious. I was given a common narcotic, in a renowned ER, for an unknown reproductive pain that created a catastrophic response that sent me reeling. My parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems criss-crossed. The only way I can fully explain, is while, in the initial reaction, I only had a quarter of the access of my brain. I had my mantras/prayers, at the time, I thought that was it. I have since found I had much more. My faith, not renewed but devastated. I left who I was and could never go back. I am still coming to terms with my GOD, but in the mean time, I would be blind to not recognize I am not alone in this journey. And ironically, maybe I was blind and am now discovering true sight.

To the Aurora Borealis: thank you for clothing the sky!

-Victoria Lee Case

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Victoria Lee Case
Victoria Case

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