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Baby Daddy Bad Boys: Dark & Dirty is a steamy romance box set featuring three full-length bad boy romance novels: Baby Mine, Hard Kisses, and No Limits.

Follow three sexy couples as they overcome trials and hardships to find love, and family. These three alpha men fall harder than ever before for the three sexy, sassy, and gorgeous women they become obsessed with, want to hold and never let go, and start families with.

These three novels are full-length, and end with a happy ending and no cliffhanger.
Baby Mine
She kept the baby a secret... But I found out.
Now... now I want what’s mine: My Family.
I made her my trophy. I conquered her. Over and over again.
But then she left. And she took something...
I can’t blame her. I ain’t a good man. I’ve done some terrible things.
But when I learned she’d had a child... When I learned that it was my child.... Something changed.
I wanted her back. No, I needed her back.
And I knew I’d do anything to make her mine again.
Never once did I dream of a family... picket fence, suburbia? What a crock.
But now... now it’s all I want. I want my family back.
I want to be a father to my child. A husband to my wife.
I want to love her for the rest of my days. I want to make her scream in ecstasy every single night.
And day. And afternoon.
She’s not just the woman I love. He’s not just my baby boy.
They’re my family. And I’m getting them back... if it’s the last thing I do.
Hard Kisses
I’m a bad man, all muscle, gristle, steel, and leather.
I get what I want. And that’s why I got her. Torrie. She was just supposed to be a one night thing.
I never expected her to take hold of my heart... and squeeze. I never expected her to look into my soul... and steal it.
Women? They come and then I go... it’s a tidy arrangement that I like... and they don’t. I always knew I’d never get shackled down by a ring or a kid.
But Torrie? She’s got me thinking about family. About my future. About... love. Not just loving her body, and every damn inch of it. But loving her for who she is. Strong, sassy... smarter than I’ll ever be.
My queen... even if she doesn’t know it.
There’s just one problem. She’s got secrets... and so have I. Our pasts... they intertwine... in a bad way.
Maybe we’re not meant to be. Maybe we’re not fated. Maybe we were just meant to hook up and break up.
But the thing is... I put my baby inside of her.
So now I’m going to make sure she stays mine.
No Limits
I'm a single dad with more than enough to worry about.
The last thing I need is a girl like Tanzie Williams strapped to my bed.
She's a mess, but damn if she isn't the sexiest thing I've ever laid eyes on.
That, and she's the daughter of our rival's boss.
I knew this was going to get messy.
And I know it's going to get even messier.
See, when I look at Tanzie, I don't just see the trouble she's going to bring when her father finds out.
No, I see a glimpse into the future... our future.
She's got enough sass to silence a dozen bikers.
There's no taming this spitfire.
Good. That's just the way I like it.
I'm not just any other man.
When you're with me, there are no limits.
It's going to get dark, and it's going to get dirty.
And I'm going to make Tanzie mine.
If her father has a problem with that, he can come calling.

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Harper Riley
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