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Bangkok: 20 Amazing Must See Attractions

Wondering what to see on your visit to Bangkok? Want a diverse range of attractions to broaden your Thai experience?
Want to be able to go on your own to attractions or plan your own tour and direct your taxi or tuk-tuk driver to it? Wondering what Bangkok is all about? Read on...

Your visit to Bangkok can be the trip of your lifetime, with memories, pictures and experiences that rival any other trip you have ever made. The city has it all, from golden palaces and enormous Buddha statues, to floating villages and markets. With so much on offer, it can be overwhelming deciding what deserves your time.

World traveler Anton Swanepoel has spend 18 months backpacking through South East Asia. Having visited Bangkok a number of times, he has chosen these attractions as "must-see". With an eye for culture, detail, the spectacular and historic value, he has created a diverse list to give you the best of Bangkok.

In This Book You Will Discover:
• 20 Top Attractions in Bangkok.
• Pertinent information for each attraction.
• GPS coordinates or directions to each attraction.
• Entry fees and times of operation for all attractions.
• 1 to 5 Day itinerary to help you make the most of your time.

Regardless if you plan on using guides or roughing it on your own. The information in this book will add to any information a guide gives as well as be enough for any do-it-yourself traveler. For the price of a good cup of coffee, get 20 amazing places to visit. If even just one of these places turns out to be the place that makes you fall in love with Bangkok, it would have been worth the price of this book.

Bonus Included:
• 8 Bonus attractions to see, if you have more time in Bangkok.

If you plan on visiting Bangkok, This Book Is For You

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