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Join The Service And See The Galaxy, they said.

A harem hiding in the desert, kings, generals, commanders, an envoy, a princess, weapons smugglers, a beautiful banded housekeeper, an underage girl,
Burros, blasters, satellites, blazing hot deserts, a stone cold prison cell,
Love, hate, jealousy, revenge,
War, peace, politics, and toilets that don't flush ...
All in a day's work for a Star Service trooper.

A Note from the Author

This volume is a compilation of Bargain Princess: A Space Operetta and Bargain Princess parts 2 & 3. See the author’s web site for more information.

Advisory: Due to coarse language and sexual content, this book is recommended for ages 18 and above.

A snippet from Part 1:

We followed the trail along a dry creekbed for most of the morning, then Chi stopped. I strained to see anything in the rocks ahead, but couldn’t. Evers and I joined her to see what her sensors had picked up.

“Life forms in the rocks ahead. Could be three, could be more, hiding.”

“Ditto,” confirmed Evers. “Metal, too. Could be swords, guns, something like that.”

Bahkti said, “The tribes have single-shot percussion weapons. Some may be rifles.”

“Stun five,” I ordered. “We don’t know that they’re dangerous, or even that they’re the enemy.”

“Copy,” said three voices simultaneously. We adjusted our blasters, lowered our visors, and started slowly forward.

A snippet from Part 2:

We flew from Tashara to Aldebaran II, a beautiful oasis planet, for a little R&R. Our leave was short, though – just enough time for Commander Phillips to scope out a mission on Aldebaran III, a rocky little mining planet. My job would be to pull out an informant who’d had to run for the hills. Smugglers were hot on his tail, and there was likely to be some shooting.

When it comes to a firefight, there’s no one I’d rather have guarding my flank than Chi. I asked Phillips if I could take her with me, and he said she’d already volunteered.

Yeah, there was shooting, all right ...

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
septiembre 16
Peyton Reese
Smashwords, Inc.

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