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You know, in life, we see things the way that we want to see them, perspective. There is no other way to live in my opinion. To know me is to know God, I am nothing without him. I am a gift unto this world, and will remain this way until he calls me home. We have options in life, choices, what are you going to do for your peace? Bipolar affected my life, I fought hard to get to where I am today. Looking back is always an option, however, evolution is the way, it is the key. I worked hard under a certain name practically my whole career. Life is about evolving, so I'm evolving into a different name. Some people might think that it is silly, I think that at some point in your life, you would want to step out of your reality of who you are and turn into something immaculate, something amazing, something great! especially if you are helping the people. Am I Super HERA? No, I could never be. All I can do, and all I can be is a realist, a woman with tact, character. A woman that is her own biggest threat. Yes, I have to deal with my own demons first before I can try to help others with theirs. What happened to me in life, well, nothing was funny about that, I just wanted to let the person know who hurt me. Yes, I have evolved, their is nothing anyone can say or do that can change that. The change has already happened, it is too late. See, turn around, smile for the picture. Listen, live your life like you want to live it. Do not just do what others want. Look at me, I lost my sanity behind it, now I'm back.

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29 de octubre
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