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Give your charactes injuries that are more than skin deep.

Are you worried that your story won’t stand up to scrutiny from discerning readers? Do you want to make sure you get character complications and recovery times just right? Paramedic Samantha Keel has over a decade of treating life-threatening injuries firsthand. She’s helped thousands of writers understand the medical aspects of storytelling, and now, she’s here to help you heal the accuracy of your stories.

Blood on the Page: Volume 1 contains a detailed compendium of 31 injuries organized by type, lethality, and body part. From broken noses to detached limbs, Keel’s resource contains a diverse array of wounds that are ready to be added to your story. For each entry, you can delve into how the wound could be inflicted and how your characters would treat the wound with a variety of tools and technologies.

In Blood on the Page, you’ll discover:

- How typical and atypical wounds would be treated and how quickly they would heal

- How to plot your injuries in stages

- Thorough sensory details to accurately describe each wound, including appearance, sound, and feel

- Medical terms and common slang used when describing each wound

- Insight into temporary and permanent disabilities, and much, much more!

This handy resource is a must-have guide for writers whose characters live on the edge of danger. If you like easy-to-follow tools, expert opinions from someone with firsthand knowledge, and you don’t mind a bit of fictional bodily harm, then you’ll love Samantha Keel’s invaluable handbook.

Buy Blood on the Page today to add a whole new level of realism to your story.

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Samantha Keel
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