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In this tenth issue, C. C. Blake returns with two stories about the far flung space-faring universes he writes so well about.

Rick Cave finds himself on the CORE world of Septimus, encountering a familiar face. Jordan was a regular face from his StarBar military days, a pal back then and still. Jordan is a Major now with a family and the kind of life Rick is both attracted and repelled by. However, he's got his share of troubles, too. Due to some bad decisions and addictions, Jordan's son Ayomi has attracted the attention of a local syndicate. They are pressuring him through Jordan's grandchild to give them sensitive data. Rick doesn't need to be asked to step in, and that decision could be a costly one. Things work differently on CORE worlds than the free frontier of Slav Space . . .

In the follow-up story, a former CORE military intelligence officer turned on the run killer finds herself tagged to help a wealthy man with a problem thanks to her rep for special skills. Ling-Ling left bodies behind her, due to a matter of family honor. Now, however, she is caught up in the honor of a family not her own. Can she see her way clear to helping strangers in exchange for the promise of a pardon? The payout is big, but the job itself is not cakewalk when she stands off against a mysterious guru who operates from behind fortified walls.

The far future may bring faster than light travel and strange surroundings, but humanity still comes in all the different shades of greed, weakness, and courage. C. C. Blake explores these future worlds where working class folks get in over their heads in trouble and try to make their way out in his action packed series of space opera thrillers.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
marzo 24
Twice Told Tales II
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