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It has all been leading to this . . .

Over the course of five issues, readers have thrilled to the adventures of Rick Cave and "Burn Job" Finster. Now, in this special, double sized issue of C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas, the two characters team up for the first time to face an unstoppable adversary.

When Rick Cave agrees to help a kid space jock with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, he does not realize the trouble he is taking on. The kid has a luxury craft, providing perfect comfort for passengers. He does not have the cargo space his latest job requires. Enter Rick Cave's medium-tonnage freighter, the HotTicket. With the two ships working together, they can move people and equipment with ease and comfort. The cargo and passengers to be moved, however, are a surprise . . .

After Finster's car was sabotaged, racing enthusiasts never expected the NAStar driver to return to the sport. However, he has been done just that. Although his body has been medically rescultped to hide any traces of the scars from the fire that ended the first phase of his career, he has taken ownership of the pejorative nickname Burn Job. He has returned to the race and to the trail of revenge on the man responsible for his "accident", der Fuhrer of the Astro Nazis himself.

Both of these men have been thorns in the goosestepping heels of the Asto Nazi cause, so they make equally inviting targets for the biggest killer in the Astro Nazi league. The cyborg called PedeSTAIN is unstoppable, a relentless killing machine dedicated to seeing Fuhrer Brett's will performed. His mission has put him on Burn Job's trail, and Rick Cave just invited himself to the murder party . . .

This issue contains a short novel length pulp science fiction adventure guaranteed to keep readers on the edges of their seats. Join thrill master C. C. Blake as he presents the culmination of the first half year of Sweaty Space Opera adventures. As well, it offers a candid story from the author's own past about the chilling lengths some folks will go for love . . .

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
noviembre 25
Twice Told Tales II
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