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Sometimes peace can only be achieved through war.

On a remote scientific installation controlled by warmongering scientist Sycorax, genetically manufactured prototype soldier Caliban is his failed creation. Despite possessing more power and skills than the average human soldier, Caliban has been tossed aside by Sycorax for newer and better super-soldiers. Balthazar, the latest and most powerful of Sycorax's creations, threatens Caliban, who only wants to prove to his creator that he is worthy of respect. Caliban befriends Balthazar as his genetic "brother" but still feels the sting of Sycorax's rejection. And Caliban is in no rush to dethrone Balthazar, but his very survival may depend on it. In order to remain in Sycorax's good graces, Caliban may have to do the unthinkable… and murder Balthazar.

Meanwhile, Sycorax has his hands full with Member Five, a genderless alien trapped on this installation along with other members of the alien race known as The Whole. As peaceful intergalactic explorers, The Whole are stripped of their collective destiny in this desolate outpost. But escape isn't as easy as it sounds, as Member Five is caught between the freedom they want and the noble principles of The Whole. When Member Five enlists the help of Balthazar in order to overthrow Sycorax, will they succeed? And as Caliban plots his own journey back to relevance, Balthazar is directly in his crosshairs… threatening the very freedom that Member Five and The Whole desperately seek.

In Caliban's World (Sycorax Series 1), author Adam J. Mangum fires the opening salvo in a thrilling and thought-provoking space opera series. Inspired by William Shakespeare's The Tempest, readers of all ages will be enthralled by the multilayered characters and tight plotting in this highly entertaining narrative. Because even in this remote and dystopian setting, the chains of oppression are no match for the power of the indomitable spirit.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
agosto 31
Adam J Mangum
Draft2Digital, LLC

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