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Speculating in the financial markets as a self-directed beginner is not as hard as one would think as long as you have done the proper education and training from day one. The markets only work on supply and demand and using it as your trading method is smart if you wish to become filthy rich from investing and trading. Any and all liquid markets work on supply and demand so doesn’t it make logical sense then to use that as you trading method?

Cash cow is a beginner’s book that takes a self-directed beginner with zero experience in the markets through the very basics of what needs to be learned and mastered to become a consistently profitable self-directed trader in today’s competitive financial markets. Remember, everyone but you in the live markets is your competition and is looking to take all of your money from you and transfer it from your account to theirs, are you going to just sit back and let that happen?

When you have completed reading Cash Cow you will know the very first basic beginners information you need to get you investing and trading in the live markets and begin making money right away. There are also some tips as to how to beat the live market trading jitters as a self-directed beginner and also how you can become consistently profitable faster and begin making an unlimited income from investing and trading any markets you wish to work in.

Listen, it’s not rocket science going on in there its supply and demand and it has been that way since the beginning of time and it is how it will always be until the end of days. It is mostly common sense and money management and if you learn it the right way from day one you can money from day one, will you?

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abril 7
J.R. Calcaterra
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