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Christians often see the Old Testament law as out of date and irrelevant now Christ has come. Lalleman rejects this view and makes the case for the ongoing importance of the Law in the Christian life – something to celebrate. Most helpfully Lalleman sets out a model for interpreting Old Testament laws in the context of the whole of the Bible. She interacts with scholarly literature on the subject and provides some basic biblical principles for integrating the whole of God’s word in our lives.

Lalleman then fleshes out by applying them to three difficult topics in Old Testament law – food laws, the cancellation of debts, and warfare. At the heart of this celebration of the law, she contends, is the wholeness, holiness, and integrity of God himself. Celebrating the Law? shows how God calls us to be his distinctive people displaying the same wholeness, holiness, and integrity as he himself has.

‘Hetty Lalleman takes us down some less well-trodden paths of the life and faith of Israel, showing how they can lead to surprisingly fruitful destinations for contemporary ethical issues.’ 

Christopher J. H. Wright, International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership International

‘In a clear and straightforward style, Hetty Lalleman shows how the rules for God’s people 3000 years ago teach principles for Christians as they learn how to live as God’s people in the third millennium AD. This is a warm commendation of the Old Testament by a teacher well aware of the problems it poses to modern readers.’

Alan Millard, Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages, University of Liverpool

‘Rejecting the view that the Old Testament’s law is too difficult, too dull or simply irrelevant, Hetty Lalleman here shows how a careful reading of the law is vital for understanding ethics. A virtue of her study is that this is not simply a theoretical study. Instead, taking examples from the Old Testament, she shows how these texts continue to function for Christians today. This is a helpful study which makes important work on the law accessible for a wide range of readers.’

Revd Dr David Firth, Old Testament Tutor, Trinity College, Bristol

Hetty Lalleman has been teaching the Old Testament for over 30 years. She is now a Senior Research Fellow of Spurgeon’s College, London. Her specialisms are the prophetic books and Old Testament ethics and she wrote the commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations in the revised Tyndale Commentary series.

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