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Why do it? Capturing a significant period, wanting to share, major family changes or just decluttering, the reasons for writing a book vary. Sometimes the process is more important than the completed book. BUT … all writers procrastinate (‘keep putting it off!’). Everybody wants to write, but the reality is ... ways of publishing have become easier, but challenges of QUALITY content and keeping readers interested remain.

Completing a book in a year IS possible.

This manual is aimed at ‘procrastinators’ who have a memoir, family history, or non-fiction work to finish, fix or start. Families interested in investigating their histories, their DNA or their secrets have increased due to family tree splits, grafts and young twigs joining. AND special stories of so-called ‘ordinary’ people who have done extraordinary things should be told WELL.

We need to know about local heroes. Modest ones in our families. And others in our communities. A hero is a role model who solves problems for their community. Or finds new ways of doing things. Their stories are worth telling in accessible formats.

These writing project strategies also work for any kind of fiction, faction or non-fiction ‘how to’ book. From a quirky history of the Stawell Gift running race to Holocaust survivors, and ‘how to’ walk the Camino.

About the Author: 

Hazel Edwards OAM is the author of over 200 published books, including the classic ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake’ series which turns 40 in 2020. By request, she has run ‘Writing a Non Boring Family History’ workshops for decades and in 2016 the Public Records Office (Vic) asked her to run the yearlong ‘Complete Your Book in a Year’. has details of her books, events and talks.

Consistently selling and workshop linked ‘how to’ books with strategies include:

‘Difficult Personalities’ (Penguin) co-written with psychologist Dr Helen McGrath. Much reprinted, three revised editions and translated into seven languages.

‘Writing a Non Boring Family History’ (The GHR Press, revised editions) and ‘Authorpreneurship: The Business of Creativity’ (ASA, now on Amazon).

‘Writing, long term, is mentally risky but vital culturally and contributes to a non-boring life.’ Hazel Edwards, ‘Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author’

‘An acclaimed children’s and adult author, Hazel Edwards is a leading writing mentor. Her “Hazelnuts” whom she has mentored have reached publication and achieved awards. Projects include memoir, autobiography, non-fiction, biography, fiction, graphic novels, young adult and children’s books.’  - Susanne Gervay OAM

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