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One night. No strings attached.

Those were my words to live by. I didn’t believe in relationships, I believed in sex. Passionate sex, mind blowing sex, the type of sex my married friends wished they still had. I had a new woman every night and my life was perfect… Until I met her. 

As soon as she entered the annual advertising gala with her glasses and curves, I knew she was mine. One taste of her sweet, innocent lips and I wanted more, I needed more. But she left before I could even even get her name.

I searched for her, a first for me, Noah Craven, but just when I gave up I discovered who she is—my best friend’s daughter. She’s off limits. It doesn’t matter that the thought of her makes me think about candlelit dinners and strolls through the park, we can’t be.

I can have anyone I want, except her. Why do I crave her so badly?

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