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These western bad boys aren't worried about using protection in this "virgin's first time" bundle:

From Mayor's Daughter To Willing Whore 

Samson's a rough, wild west outlaw who breezes through town with hopes of starting his own saloon. Victoria's the mayor's daughter, who thinks she's too good to be in the company of anyone else at the tavern she decides to have her first few drinks at. Samson just sees a potential conquest. Drunk, careless, and in the company of a far more experienced man who doesn't like to take no for an answer, she'll be persuaded to sexually humiliate herself in public!

Shamelessly Deflowered

Virginal Maggie is reserved at the best of times, so when she’s cornered by a group of local cowboys, she’s terrified. Right as she thinks she’s in serious danger, a lone gunslinger breezes through and saves her. On the ride home she’s surprised to find out that just because he saved her, it doesn’t mean he’s an angel himself…

Double Teamed By The Outlaws 

When Sarah gets caught out by two wild outlaws while working as a sheriffs assistant, she doesn't know what to expect. Bound, gagged and placed on the back of a horse wasn't how she thought she would be leaving the quiet southern town. As much as she wants to dislike them she can't deny they're handsome, charismatic and have a way of making her do things she never thought she would. After a few stiff whiskeys, can she resist when they both want to take her hard and without protection at the same time? She just hopes her husband doesn't find out...

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25 Eagles LLC
25 Eagles LLC

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